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Robust advice and representation in all types of criminal law.

Our team of crime and road traffic solicitors regularly give guidance to clients the subject of criminal investigation and robustly represent defendants in all types of criminal prosecutions.

We appreciate the devastating consequences of criminal prosecutions and our dedicated team of solicitors can assist you through this very difficult time with the highest quality service. Where necessary we are also able to effectively manage the media and provide statements for you.

Our solicitors represent individuals, young offenders, mentally ill offenders, corporate offenders and companies in the District, Circuit, Central Criminal Court and Court of Criminal Appeal.

We advise on corporate fraud, breaches of company, tax and banking laws, health and safety laws, environmental laws and liability for breaches of employment legislation.
We advise and represent individuals, sole traders and companies on the law relating to road haulage, including overweight vehicles, breaches of regulations for signage, incorrect rate of tax on trucks, and all other associated offences. We are on the panel of solicitors for the Irish Road Haulage Association.
We advise in respect of all areas of your road traffic case, in terms of evidence, statements, defences and sentencing. We aim not only to defend motoring prosecutions but to minimise the sentencing, financial penalties and periods of disqualification.

We have considerable expertise in advising in relation to and defending motoring and road traffic offences including speeding, drink driving and driving without insurance.

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