//Supreme Court submissions to be available to the public

Supreme Court submissions to be available to the public

There has been a significant development in Supreme Court procedure. The Supreme Court has issued a Practice Direction to allow for parties’ written submissions in respect of appeals or any Supreme Court matter to be made available to any member of the public upon request. This applies to written submissions made on or after 7th October 2013 only. Prior to that no one had sight of submissions save for the Court, the parties and their legal team.

The submissions will not be made available to the public before the commencement of a hearing of an appeal. The person requesting a copy may be charged a fee by the court for the request. It is the responsibility of the parties that submissions will not contain scandalous, abusive or vexatious material. If there is any information in the submissions which should not be made available to the public due to legal prohibitions or restrictions then the party must submit a separate electronic file in which that information has been deleted so that the redacted version can be released to the public if so requested.

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