//Redundancy – Solicitor Fiona Manning provides advice on regional radio station

Redundancy – Solicitor Fiona Manning provides advice on regional radio station

Fiona Manning, an associate solicitor in our litigation department, appeared on Spin Southwest radio on Spintalk on Monday 12th January 2009 to discuss redundancy law. 

In the days after the fall out of the 1900 redundancies made by Dell, Limerick’s largest employer, our employment specialist provided much needed general advice to listeners.Topics included the provisions to qualify for redundancy, statutory payments, ex gratia redundancy payments and the taxation of statutory and ex-gratia redundancy payments.

Fiona also provided a helpful overview of the notice period which employers are legally obliged to give to employees, what happens when employers cannot meet redundancy payments, information about the Social Insurance Fund and seeking employment when an employee has been advised of their forthcoming redundancy.

For further information upon employment and redundancy law contact

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