//Q9000 – The Legal Quality Standard

Q9000 – The Legal Quality Standard

HOMS are very pleased and proud to have progressed to being awarded the Q9000 Legal Quality Standard by the Institute of Legal Research and Standards. In October 2015 we were awarded the Q9000 standard with a gold grade score of 94% after a full and comprehensive audit by the Institute of Legal Research and Standards. The Q9000, which is recognised by the Law Society of Ireland, is the most advanced strategic, risk and quality management standard awarded by the Institute to law firms demonstrating exceptional levels of strategic, innovation and quality management.


In the audit report of 6th October 2015 HOMS are described as, “a thriving, superbly managed, corporate firm with a commitment to excellence in the provision of legal services.” The auditor stated that HOMS, “was able to demonstrate on all levels that it is extremely well managed with an acute awareness and real willingness to embrace and adhere to ‘best practice’ standards.”


Our gold grade score of 94% was awarded after a comprehensive audit of the following areas:-

  1. Client management
  2. File management
  3. Regulatory and claims management
  4. Practice management
  5. Systems management
  6. Advanced financial management
  7. Strategic and innovative management
  8. Advanced IT, information and knowledge management.


HOMS has a long history of accreditation, having first obtained an ISO accreditation in 2004. Since then HOMS have constantly improved and developed processes, systems and procedures and in 2010 obtained the legally tailored Legal Quality Certification. Since then the firm has continued to achieve higher standards of certification, obtaining the Q6000 Legal Quality Standard in 2012 and the Q9000 this year, the highest standard available.

We have a dedicated Risk Management Partner, Robert Kennedy, who in conjunction with the Systems & Procedures Manager, Naoise O’Donnell, and Associate Solicitor, Anna Owens, ensure that all risk management policies and procedures are implemented and compliance levels are strictly adhered to. All of our employees are trained extensively in our systems, procedures and policies. Well done to all of the staff at HOMS who are instrumental in implementing our Q9000 systems, procedures and policies.


GOLD 9000         IMG_0046

Robert Kennedy, Partner, Anna Owens, Associate Solicitor, and Naoise O’Donnell, Systems & Procedures Manager pictured with the Q9000 Certificate.

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In May 2021 our domain name will change from to This move is part of our upcoming rebrand from HOMS Solicitors to Holmes in recognition of how our firm is continuing to grow and evolve. We look forward to sharing this new and exciting journey with you.

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