//HOMS Excels in Legal Quality Standard Audit

HOMS Excels in Legal Quality Standard Audit

We are delighted to have achieved and maintained the Legal Quality Standard (LQ) (a legal quality standard recognised by the Law Society of Ireland). We first obtained the LQ in 2010 and we went on to obtain the LQ advanced standard. In the LQ Advanced recent audit HOMS achieved a grade of 97%. This is the highest certification ever awarded to a firm.

Anne Neary Consultants, who certify the LQ standard, wrote the following about HOMS in its post audit report:-

“I am satisfied that this firm is in full compliance with the requirements of the LQ Standard and it has achieved a grade 97%. This is the highest certification we have ever awarded to a firm seeking accreditation to the LQ Advanced Standard, and I am satisfied that this is an excellent firm.”

HOMS continually strives for excellence in the provision of legal services and excelling in the Legal Quality Standard affirms our commitment to this.  

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In May 2021 our domain name will change from to This move is part of our upcoming rebrand from HOMS Solicitors to Holmes in recognition of how our firm is continuing to grow and evolve. We look forward to sharing this new and exciting journey with you.

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