//Capital Limerick’s Event

Capital Limerick’s Event

We were pleased to attend Capital Limerick’s evening event to explore opportunities for financial services firms in the Limerick region. The Westin, Dublin, hosted the event on 29th March 2017.

Capital Limerick is an organisation for Limerick people based in Dublin who promote Limerick as a prime economic and socio-cultural hub, and as a centre for leadership in business, sports, politics, technology and culture. This was their second major event after establishment last year.

The event involved a panel discussion on the future opportunities and challenges facing the financial services sector in Limerick and the Mid-West. Clair Hayes from Matheson was joined on stage by Kevin Thompson from Insurance Ireland, Dr. Stephen Kinsella, Senior Economics Lecturer at the University of Limerick, Andrea Linehan, Director of the Small Firms Association and Commercial Director of Grid Finance and Niall O’Callaghan, Business & Relationship Manager with IDA Ireland for the Mid-West Region.

The discussion was specialised and interesting, focussing on how the Mid-West could market itself to multi-national corporations looking to re-locate in the wake of Brexit. Thanks go to Capital Limerick for organising the enjoyable and very informative evening.

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