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Family Law

Our family law unit offers a comprehensive and confidential service. We have a reputation for attaining the correct balance between robustly representing clients and using a conciliatory approach to negotiate settlements. We are mindful of cost effectiveness in light of the result to be achieved. We achieve a significant number of settlements. If court proceedings become necessary we focus on the areas which still require agreement and resolution, ensuring that costs and contentious issues are kept to a minimum. We are highly experienced in advocacy, providing personal representation in all of the courts, from the District and Circuit Courts to the High Court.

Our family law service includes advice on:

  • Divorce
  • Separation
  • Judicial Separation
  • Custody, access, guardianship and maintenance
  • Pre-nuptial agreements and advice prior to marriage
  • Co-habitation advice and agreements
  • Co-habitation property disputes
  • Recognition of foreign divorces
  • Succession rights

Divorce, Separation and Judicial Separation

We support our clients through every stage of informal and formal separations.  Where necessary we work with other professionals to value all the matrimonial assets, including pensions and businesses, to obtain the best settlement for our clients. We also advise clients on ways to prevent a spouse dissipating assets.

We consider all aspects of a matrimonial dispute such as property prices, tax implications of the different types of settlements, employment and business prospects, children, pensions, shares and savings. We also advise on provisions for the future in terms of life insurance to secure financial settlements after the death of a spouse, wills and succession rights for a spouse and children and future changes in financial circumstances.

We also advise upon foreign divorces, their recognition in Ireland, the enforceability of any financial settlements, and the possibility of financial relief applications being made in Ireland.


Where children are involved it is absolutely vital to obtain the best legal advice from practitioners who are experienced in advising, negotiating and litigating in this type of dispute. We operate at all times to ensure advice is delivered in a clear and understandable way with realistic expectations of what the Irish courts would determine if the case was brought before them.

Pre-nuptial Agreements and advice prior to marriage

It is vital to obtain advice prior to marriage where there is wealth, such as money, property, pensions, investments and businesses to consider. Clients may wish to secure family businesses or inheritance for children from a previous relationship. We provide advice on the effects of pre-nuptial agreements in Ireland and draft agreements tailored to individual circumstances and wishes.

Co-habitation – advice, agreements and disputes

Where a relationship is not regulated by marital law it is important for property disputes to be avoided by advice and agreement prior to purchase. We advise upon the legal ways to jointly own property and draft co-habitation agreements to regulate any future separation. Where a separation has occurred we can advise upon entitlements to property held in one co-habitee’s name only and the division of property in joint names.



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